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Piano clarinets and trombone acoustic chamber ensemble in a childhood mood. For family subjects or mechanical and building topics in a playful way. Like a train starting his travel.

Chamber Ensemble Clarinet, Piano, Strings, Trombone, Viola, Violin, Bass Clarinet, Violoncello Le cabinet de curiosites Animated, Building, Busy, Childish, Curious, Driving, Dynamic, Fast, Friendly, Funny, Good, Graceful, Intricate, Mechanical, Optimistic, Positive, Powerful, Quirky, Vibrant, Whimsical Comedy / Family, Documentary, Film Instrumental, Infomercial, Radio Production, Road Trip, Romantic Drama, Section / Credits, Travel Channel, TV Instrumental, Chamber Ensemble clarinette, piano, cordes, trombone, alto, violon, clarinette basse, violoncelle Le Cabinet de Curiosités animés, bâtiment, occupé, enfantin, curieux, la conduite, dynamique, très rapide, amical, amusant, bon, gracieux, complexe, mécanique, optimiste, positif, puissant, original, vibrant, lunatique comédie / famille, le documentaire, le film instrumental, annonce publicitaire, production radiophonique, voyage sur la route, drame romantique, Générique, canal de voyage, tv instrumental

composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis (SACEM)
publisher : Pas la peine / Volvox Music (SACEM)

Categories:   Clarinet, Library, Piano, Strings, Trombone, Viola, Violin, Violoncello


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