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Time passes slowly, patiently. The tempo is marked by a string quartet obsessive. A large house, a family, a heritage, a story …
From the higher echelons of society. Minimalist strings and piano with a touch of grandeur.

composer : Fabrice Ravelle-Chapuis (SACEM)
album : POKE 069 Intelligentsia
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Landscape, cold, gloomy, family, 1920s (Twenties), Atmospheric, Beautiful, Calm, Delicate, destiny, Dreamy, Fashion, flying, Heritage, History, Honest, Luxe, Majestic, Meditative, Peaceful, psychological, quiet, Rich and Luxurious, Sensitive / Sensible, Sophisticated, Sublime, Subtle, Architecture, sea, mountain, nature, water,paysage, froid, sombre, de la famille, des années 1920 (la vingtaine), atmosphérique, beau, calme, délicat, le destin, rêveur, la mode, le vol, le patrimoine, l’histoire, honnête, luxe, majestueux, méditatives, pacifiques, psychologiques, calme, riche et luxueux, sensible / sensible, sophistiqué, sublime, subtil, architecture, mer, montagne, nature, l’eau, playlist nature and landscape playlisthistory

Categories:   Cello, Library, Piano, Strings, Viola, Violin, Violoncello


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