Track download Ainsi de suite

A running and epic theme for piano violin and cello, live recorded. Life is a race. On the road, the scenery scrolls at high speed. Begins with the cello solo, soon joined by piano and violin. Chase scene, espionage, romantic betrayals, deadly reunion, edgy and mysterious.Everything telling a big story about destiny.

Cello, Piano, Strings, Violin, Violoncello, Canal Tamagawa, Animated, Brave, Busy, Dynamic, Epic, Fast, Hypnotic, Inspiring, Intelligent, Intense, Mad, Nervous, Obsessive, Powerful, Proud, Pulsating, Raw, Romantic, Stimulating, Vibrant, Documentary, Film Instrumental, History, Nature, Political, Romantic Drama, Romantic Epic, Romantic Passion, Section / Credits, Vaudeville, Philip Glass, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Michael Nyman minimalist repetitive impressionist. Reminds: Rain I Want A Divorce in The last emperor (Sakamoto), violoncelle, piano, cordes, violon, violoncelle, Canal Tamagawa, animée, courageux, occupé, dynamique, épique, rapide, hypnotique, inspirant, intelligent, intense, fou, nerveux, obsessionnel, puissant, fière, rythmé, âpre, romantique, stimulant , dynamique, documentaire, instrumental du film, l’histoire, la nature, politique, drame romantique, épique romantique, la passion romantique, section / Générique, vaudeville, impressionniste minimaliste répétitif.

composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis (SACEM)
publisher : Pas la peine (SACEM)

Categories:   Cello, Library, Strings, Viola, Violin, Violoncello


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