Track download Hotel Parador

A slight cha-cha for a light little romance. You are at the Parador Hotel, the receptionist serves a Vodka Fizz to make you wait. Flirtatious, kitschy, fun little 1960’s Madman vibe. Playful sweet perky charming & sophisticated. Country club, afternoon tryst, dinner by candlelight.

composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis (SACEM)
publisher : Pas la peine / Volvox Music (SACEM)

Holiday, Honeymoon, Kitsch, Kitch, Kitchissime, Mauvais gout, Cooking, Show, High, Fashion, Jewelry, Perfume, Champagne, Cocktails, Happy hour, Luxe, Commercial,Fun,Calm, Dancing, Delicate, Elegant, Erotic, Exotic, Flirtatious, Good, Jolly, Loving, Moody, Quirky, Relaxing, Retro, Smooth, Soft, Sweet, Swinging, Warm, 1950s (Fifties), 1960s (Sixties), Club / Bar / Lounge, Commercial / Promo, Cooking Show, Corporate, Dance / Cha Cha, Film Theme Song, Kitsch, Leisure, Movie Trailer, Radio Production, Restaurant, Rich and Luxurious, Romantic Comedy, Romantic Drama, Romantic New Love, Section / Opening, Travel Channel, TV Theme Song,playlist kitschissime, Panam, sixties, Madmen, lifter, Muzak,Claves, Electric Guitar, Piano, Vibraphone, Snare drum, Shaker, Bass Guitar, Wood block, vacances, lune de miel, kitsch, kitch, kitchissime, mauvais gout, cuisine, salon, haut, mode, bijoux, parfums, champagne, cocktails, happy hour, luxe, playlist fashion week, commercial, plaisir, calme, dansant, délicat, élégant, érotique, exotique, coquettes, bon, joyeux, aimant, Moody, original, de détente, rétro, lisse, doux, doux, se balancer, chaleureux, 1950 (années cinquante), 1960 (des années soixante), club / bar / lounge, commercial / promo, émission de cuisine, entreprise , danse / cha cha, thème du film chanson, kitsch, loisirs, bande annonce du film, la production de radio, restaurant, riche et luxueux, comédie romantique, drame romantique, nouvel amour romantique, section / ouverture, le canal de Voyage, tv theme song, PanAm, des années soixante , fous, lifter, musique d’ambiance, claves, guitare électrique, piano, vibraphone, caisse claire, shaker, guitare basse, playlistmydog

Categories:   Bass Guitar, Claves, Electric Guitar, Library, Piano, Shaker, Snare drum, Vibraphone, Wood block


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