Track download Melancholia 2

A symphonic piece beginning with a calm piano harmony, become stormy at the end. A string and wind orchestra all acoustic recorded. For history documentary, for emotional movies.

composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis (SACEM)
publisher : Pas la peine / Volvox Music (SACEM)

Atmospheric, Busy, Deep, Delicate, Dissonant, Dreamy, Emotional, Hypnotic, Meditative, Melancholic, Menacing, Passionate, Romantic, Sensitive, Serene, Smooth, Sophisticated, Suffocated, Tender, Tension, Civil War, Documentary, Film Instrumental, Film Noir, History, Psychological Thriller, Romantic Epic, Romantic Passion, Travel Channel, TV Instrumental, zoo Peter Greenaway – michael nyman a zed and two noughts, Clint mansell, Melancholia from Lars Von Trier, John Adams Nixon in china, Riuichy Sakamoto, Landscape under the rain, Cello, Clarinet, Piano, Saxophone, Strings, Trombone, Viola, Violin, Soprano Saxophone, Bass Clarinet, Violoncello, atmosphérique, occupé, profond, délicat, dissonant, rêveur, émotionnel, hypnotique, méditatif, mélancolique, menaçant, passionnée, romantique, sensible, serein, lisse, sophistiqué, étouffé, tendre, la tension, la guerre civile, le documentaire, le film instrumentale, film noir , l’histoire, thriller psychologique, épique romantique, la passion romantique, canal de Voyage, tv instrumentale, la mélancolie, le paysage sous la pluie, violoncelle, clarinette, piano, saxophone, cordes, trombone, alto, violon, saxophone soprano, clarinette basse, violoncelle

Categories:   Bass Clarinet, Cello, Library, Piano, Saxophone, Strings, Trombone, Viola, Violin, Violoncello


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