Track download A rebours

A serious atmosphere, begins with an acoustic piano, joined by a small string ensemble with minimalist echoes. A landscape scrolls, could be perfect also to documentary movie, street scenes of the early twentieth century. Live recorded with piano and string quartet.

composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis (SACEM)

Accepting, Brave, Deep, Delicate, Dramatic, Driving, Grand, Honest, Hopeful, Hypnotic, Intelligent, Majestic, Mean, Obsessive, Pensive, Repetitive, Serious, Sophisticated, Thinking, Warm, 1920s (Roaring Twenties), 1930s (Thirties), Documentary, Film Noir, History, Law & Crime, News / Investigative, Section / Opening, Travel Channel, TV Instrumental, sad, low, emotive, history, doc, Cello, Piano, Strings, Viola, Violin, Violoncello, travel channel, history channel, black and white, old movie,Acceptation, courageux, Deep, délicat, dramatique, Conduire, le Grand, honnête, plein d’espoir, Hypnotic, Intelligent, Majestic, obsessionnel, pensif, répétitive, Sérieux, Sophistiqué, Pensée, chaud, 1920, 1930, Documentaire, Film Noir, histoire, droit & amp; Crime, Nouvelles / enquête, Section / Ouverture, Voyage Channel, TV Instrumental, triste, faible, émotif, histoire, doc, violoncelle, piano, cordes, Alto, Violon, Violoncelle, canal de Voyage, le canal de l’histoire, noir et blanc, vieux film playlisthistory

Categories:   Cello, Library, Piano, Strings, Viola, Violin, Violoncello


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