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A solo piano develops a simple and haunting theme. The atmosphere is quiet and peaceful, a few strings staccato lightweight caress this melody from 0:54.
composer : Fabrice Ravel-Chapuis (SACEM)

Atmospheric, Climactic, Graceful, Hypnotic, Meditative, Noble, Peaceful, Pensive, Quiet, Reflective, Relaxing, Sedate, Sensual, Serene, Slow, Soft, Sophisticated, Sublime, Tender, Tranquil, Documentary, Drama / Mature, Nature, New Age, Red Carpet, Slow Motion, Time-lapse, Travel Channel, Waterworld, playlist fashion week, World Harmony, landscape, slow, water, pond, lake, river, Neutral, solo, quiet, warm, armchair, travel, Piano solo, Cello, Piano, Strings, Viola, Violin, Violoncello, Atmosphérique, Climactic, Gracieux, Hypnotic, méditative, Noble, Tranquille, pensif, calme, réfléchi, relaxante, sensuelle, Serein, lent, doux, sophistiqué, Sublime, de soumission, tranquille, Documentaire, Drame / Mature, Nature, New Age, Rouge Tapis, Ralenti, Time-lapse, chaîne Voyage, World Harmony, paysage, lent, l’eau, étang, lac, rivière, Neutre, en solo, calme, chaleureuse, un fauteuil, Voyage, Piano solo, violoncelle, piano, cordes, Viola, Violon, Violoncelle, playlist nature and landscape

Categories:   Cello, Library, Piano, Viola, Violin, Violoncello


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